Buffalo, MN



Why Concrete Block?

It's Proven:  Concrete block basements have been the choice of fine home builders for more than 90 years.

It's Strong:  Concrete block walls are not only strong, but are also built wider to be more resistant to ground movements and soil pressures.

It's True:  Hand-built by skilled craftsmen, concrete block walls are straight, plumb and level.  Carpenters appreciate the superior foundations that concrete block provide - plus you save time and money because they won't have to level and shim each wall.

It's Flexible:  It provides the homeowner flexibility in adding fireplaces, bay windows, unusual nooks, curves and corners to an original construction design or future addition.

It's Dry:  A truly important feature.  Concrete block walls provide a natural barrier to moisture.  The hollow cores prevent walls from sweating in summer and frost from building up in the winter.

It's Safe:  Made of 100% noncombustible materials, the fire resistant blocks help keep you and your family safe. 

Will my basement leak:  It's less likely if you use a concrete block foundation.  Concrete blocks have a specially designed hollow core that acts as a natural drainage system, minimizing the possibility of leaking.  Other foundations are not designed this way.  You should ask your builder to place a high quality, waterproof coating over the exterior side of the walls, as well as set up a proper drainage system around the basement.

What is important about fully-cured concrete blocks?  Concrete blocks are fully cured at the factory by placing them in steam kilns, so that foundations built with concrete blocks are more stable and much less likely to shrink and crack than other foundations once it is laid.

What makes concrete block foundations better:  They are built by skilled craftsmen, one block at a time.  And the blocks themselves are designed to ensure flexibility and waterproofing advantages.  Plus, they help save energy, reduce gas infiltration, provide quieter walls and stability of your home.  Concrete block also lends itself to a wide variety of insulating options for the exterior and interior walls or inside the hollow cores.  The block foundation is a complete system with 2 actual walls built into the concrete masonry unit.  A block wall breathes and will dry out all on its own.  If water happens to penetrate the exterior block face it will run down the inside face of the block into the drain tile system based at the footing.  It's a beautiful system, the best in the world for a foundation.

Can I make changes later?  Concrete masonry's flexibility is a major advantage and accommodates ever-changing expansion plans.  Existing walls can be easily modified, due to each block's small, modular size.  Adding an additional room, more space to your living room, or a cozy fireplace can become a reality in no time at all, and at less cost.